An Example...

Christian, an interior designer for a large company, would love to have calming and vibrant Fine Art to decorate the waiting areas of the lobby. Because hundreds of clients from all across the world wait in the reception area before their meetings, Christian's company has a large captive audience.

We're there!

Christian buys 4 large pieces at full price of $15,000. His company receives 20% of the first 9 sales and 25% forever after that!

A short time later, a wealthy business owner from Hong Kong was intrigued by the Exclusive Artwork on LMM's online gallery while waiting for his meeting. He absolutely loves the Honolulu skyline and purchases a $100,000 Exclusive Moment for his Suite at home.

Christian's company would recoup their costs and make an additional $5000 profit off of this one sale! The sky is the limit from here! We do, truly, all go up together...

As thousands of potential customers wait in their lobby each year, Christian's corporation could have a tremendous automated income stream for displaying art they all enjoy.

A true win-win-win for everyone...

Christian's company has the greatest percentage profit sharing available for the art he's proud to show off to clients.

His customers get 5% off for using their personalized QR code.

LMM is able to display our art in tremendous locations and make sales we otherwise wouldn't have.


We'll set you up with a dashboard to see your sales, clicks, and our current promotions to share easily.

Set up your account for automatic deposits to a bank account or other apps (Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp.)

Taxes can be withheld automatically!


Please fill out our W-9 tax form in order to become a 1099 Subcontractor of LIVING MOMENTS MEDIA

You'll automatically receive a 1099 at the end of the year with your income amount.

It is LMM's full discretion as to whether a company can qualify for turn-key or 50% discount pricing tiers.

Let's Begin Collaborating!

We're all in this together...

Join us on the Adventure and Become a Business Partner today!

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